Citypainters provides you most trusted professional house painters and painting contractors in Lingampally. we are among the leading home painting service providers and residential house painters in entire Hyderabad. We always follow the standard house painting guidelines for best results. Citypainters never leave the job on the third-party vendors to avoid the poor quality of painting service. We provide our painting services to residential clients as wells as commercial bodies.

We provide you a wide range of professional house painters and painting services in Lingampally. All kinds of projects whether they may be major or minor, commercial or residential. Once you go ahead with us to get your house painted you will get the service from the best of the best as our professionals are very highly skilled and highly experienced personals. They are the backbone of our company.

Things to remeber while choosing house painters in Lingampally

1). Experience of house painters or Home painting agencies.

2). Competitive market price.

3). Procedure they follow during home painting.

4). Color suggestion skills of the house painter expert.

5). Paint quality they offer for your home.

Why choose our Home Painting Services


Our helpline number is active 24/7. A dedicated customer support team is there to answer your queries.


We have teams of skilled and experienced professionals. 6-7 years of experience in house painting service.


The very moment we undertake your project we guarantee you work satisfaction as your satisfaction is of utmost priority to us.


We provide a free visit to your place for quotations and color suggestions.

On-Time Work Completion

The supervisor assigned by us to your project will tell you about the estimated time frame in which we will be completing the project. We guarantee the work is completed within the given time frame.

Accurate Measurement

We use a laser device to provide you with an absolutely accurate measurement of the paintable area.

Types of house painters services provided by Citypainter.

1.Interior House painters in Lingampally:-

Our painting experts visit your place to suggest you proper color combination for your house as per the design of your interior of the house. The painting consultant will also measure the total paintable area to give the best quotation as per the competitive market price.

2. Exterior House painters in Lingampally :-

Exterior house painting is the best way to increase the life of the outer part of your home. Paint also helps to make your house look good from the outside. Various types of paint options are available for exterior painting.

3..Texture Painting in Lingampally :-

Texture paint is a mixture of different kinds of pigments that gives a special effect to interior walls. For textured walls, Asian paint is the best option in the market. Above all they provide different types of royal play like metallic texture, nonmetallic texture, Royale Play Stucco, Royale Play Dune, Royale Play Special effects.

4.stencil painting in Lingampally :-

Stencil is the most ancient form of decoration. Designs are cut on paper, plastic, or wood, and then paint is sprayed through the holes to create the pattern of the hole on the walls. Similarly, you can also make your own design by making cut on the plastic sheets.

5.Wood polish in Lingampally :-

Burnishing Wood Polishing-Burnishing is a process done by hand to bring a high-gloss sheen to the wood. Burnishing maple or burnishing pine, for example, can be done on lacquered wood.

Hand polish-This type of finish treatment can be done on gun stocks or any item where you want a deep, polished look. But you need to start out with bare, unfinished wood. Dampen a cloth with boiled linseed oil, and wipe the oil onto the surface of the wood. Let it soak in and then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Spray polish- In this type of polish we use a spray machine for coating of Melamine or PU and lacquer. Firstly we rub the surface properly of a different kind of sanding paper one by one. Then we feel the holes. After that, we color the wood with desired wood color. Then, we apply the polish on the surface using cloth. Now the lacquer is applied to give extra smoothness. Finally, we spray 2 coats of melamine or Pu by spray gun.

6.Metal painting in Lingampally :-

The process of painting metal surfaces like window grills, main gates, doors, and windows is called as metal painting. In this type of painting firstly we apply red oxide. It protects the surface from corrosion. After that, we apply two coats of enamel/oil-based paint over red-oxide coating.

7.Waterproofing in Lingampally :-

Waterproofing is the process of Application of different types of chemical solutions to the affected area. Chemicals make a layer over the affected area to make it water-resistant. It prevents the surface from further leakage and dampness. Nowadays water leakage and seepage are common problems for every home. Especially in the rainy season, it makes our home look ugly due to leakage which causes peeling off the paint. In order to keep your house waterproof, we must use a standard waterproofing solution. Firstly we use Pidifin 2k and dampproof for interior and Secondly dam shield or raincoat for the exterior with Crack seal. 

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