Experience the best house painter services at your Doorstep

City Painters provides you the most advanced Professional House Painters in Ameerpet. Our service driving system is fully automatic. To reduce the unwanted disturbances which occur during providing services to our customers. We never hire 3rd party vendors to provide our house painter services. So that unnecessary expenditure will be less to avoid the higher budget of the project. We have our own independent team of painting service professionals. We Always aim to provide hustle-free services to our customers.

How to order your requirement for your house painters services

Go to www.citypainters.org and fill the inquiry form according to the requirements. We will soon process your request and our house painters professional will visit at your place to guide you as per your requirements. Our Expert will give you a quotation as per the paintable area. He will also help you to select the color for your house.

>) Laser-Based measurement to find the accurate paintable area.

>) Suitable paint type suggestions as per requirement.

>) Best color suggestion which suits your interior space.

>)A balanced quote for house painting as per current market rate.

Types of house painting services provided by Citypainters

  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior painting
  • Texture painting
  • stencil painting
  • Wood polish
  • Metal painting
  • Deco painting
  • Waterproofing

Best suitable house paints for your home painting

Interior Paints:-

> Royale luxury Emulsion-

Teflon Surface Technology creates a protective layer making it easy for walls to be cleaned

Highly durable paint that fortifies your wall against tough household stains

Perfect finish that imparts a soft smooth sheen finish

>Royale aspira-

The first paint in India to offer a 5-year performance warranty for interiors

Teflon surface protector safeguards your walls against the toughest household stains

Its crack bridging ability ensures hairline cracks remain covered and your walls remain beautiful for a long time

>Royale Atmos-

Reduces Indoor Pollutant

Royale Atmos reduces formaldehyde, a dangerous indoor pollutant.

Absorbs Malodours

Royale Atmos absorbs select household foul smells, thereby improving air quality within the home.

Releases Fragrance

Royale Atmos is our only paint that comes with a fragrance. You no longer have to worry about the chemical smell of paints.

>Royale Health Shield-

Royale Health Shield is the most important interior emulsion paint that comes with silver ion technology. It kills up to 99% of bacteria and provides a healthy environment to live in. Royal health shield gives a luxurious finish to walls and a silky glowing appearance to your home.

House painters Services Provided in Ameermet

Interior House Painters In Ameerpet

Here we suggest you the best-suited color options for your interior. Firstly, A wide range of paint quality is available as per your requirements. Secondly, you get a free quote for interior painting from our professional. Our painting experts visit your place to suggest you proper color combination for your house as per the design of your interior of the house. The painting consultant will also measure the total paintable area to give the best quotation as per the competitive market price.

Exterior House Painters In Ameerpet

Exterior house painting is the best way to increase the life of the outer part of your home. Paint also helps to make your house look good from the outside. Various types of paint options are available for exterior painting. The exterior color of your house is one of your Identity in your locality. Not only color options, but the standard quality of paint is also necessary to keep your exterior fresh for a longer period.

Waterproofing services in Ameerpet

In order to keep your house leakproof with a standard waterproofing solution. Firstly we use Pidifin 2k and dampproof for interior and Secondly dam shield or raincoat for the exterior with Crack seal.

Texture Painting services in Ameerpet

Texture paint is a mixture of different kinds of pigments that gives a special effect to interior walls. For textured walls, Asian paint is the best option in the market. Above all, they provide different types of royal play like metallic texture, nonmetallic texture, Royale Play Stucco, Royale Play Dune, Royale Play Special effects. In order to make your Highlighted wall more pleasant. We use a wide range of texture paint and stencils, Royal play, stucco with various design options.

Stencil painting services in Ameerpet

Stencil is the most ancient form of decoration. Designs are cut on paper, plastic, or wood, and then paint is sprayed through the holes to create the pattern of the hole on the walls. Similarly, you can also make your own design by making cut on the plastic sheets.

Wood Polish services In Ameerpet

PU, Melamine, deco, and many other options are available for wood polish. Mirror finishing polish for furniture, for instance.

Tiles Grouting services in Ameerpet

We always use Epoxy with standard quality Hardener during filling the gaps between tiles after cleaning them properly with a grinding machine.

Metal painting services in ameerpet

The process of painting metal surfaces like window grills, main gates, doors, and windows is called as metal painting. In this type of painting firstly we apply red oxide. It protects the surface from corrosion. After that, we apply two coats of enamel/oil-based paint over red-oxide coating.



Our helpline number is active 24/7. Our team will resolve your issue with utmost priority if you face any problems during the ongoing project.


We are having a team of highly skilled professionals. Almost every supervisor and painter in our team are having more than 5 years of experience and are highly skilled professionals.


we guarantee you work satisfaction as your satisfaction is of utmost priority to us.


Once you book the service our surveyor will come to your doorstep to give you the quotation of your home painting service while clarifying every doubt of yours in the best possible way. 

On-Time Work Completion

The supervisor assigned by us to your project will tell you about the estimated time frame. After that Our team will ensure that the project will be completed within that time frame.

Accurate Measurement

for doing the measurement of the painting area we use a laser device to provide you with an absolutely accurate measurement of the paintable area that needs to be painted.

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