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we provide you every sort of service related to painting. All the main services are listed below and explained in details. For further information please go through that

Interior Painting

We suggest you the best suited color options for your interior. wide range of paint quality is available as per your requirements. Get a free quote for interior painting from our professional.

Exterior Painting

Exterior color of your house is one of your Identity in your locality. Not only color options , standard quality of paint is also necessary to keep your exterior fresh for longer period.


Keep your house leak proof with standard waterproofing solution. We use pidiffine 2k and damproof for interior and damshield or rain coat for exterior with Crack seal.

Texture Painting

Make your highlihted wall more pleasant with wide range of texture paint and stencils. Royal play, stucco with various design options.

Wood Polish

PU ,Melamine, deco and many other options are available for wood polish. Mirror finishing polish for furnitures.

Tiles Grouting

We use Epoxy with standard quality of hardner for filling the gaps between tiles after cleaning it properly with grinding machine.


The very moment we undertake your project we guarantee you the work satisfaction as your satisfaction is of utmost priority to us.


We are having a team of highly skilled professionals who are the best in their field. almost every supervisor and painters in our team are having more than 5 years of experience and are a highly skilled professionals.


Our helpline number is active 24/7. Our team will resolve your issue with utmost priority if you face any problems during the ongoing project.

Best Solution for house painters and painting services in Hyderabad

City Painters is among the most trusted professional house painters and painting service provider in Hyderabad. The best painting service providers are just one call away from you. We are here to paint your imagination. Our house painting experts will make your dream home look exactly the same way you want. Our professionals are highly experienced and highly skilled and can resolve any problem related to painting.
Once you book our service. Our professional will come directly to your doorstep and will assist you with everything. We will help you out by clearing every query regarding house painting. Once you give us the project thereafter your complete headache regarding painting is ours. Our highly experienced professionals will do the work as per the standard. Our supervisor will be there to monitor everything. you will surely be able to find the reason why we are the best professional painting service providers in Hyderabad. 

One stop solutions for every type of Residential painting services in Hyderabad

We provide a wide range of painting related services in every corner of Hyderabad. House painters, waterproofing solution, wall texture painting, stencils painting, wood painting, metal painting, wood polish and Tile Grouting are most customer driven services provided by city painters in Hyderabad. If you also looking for such services at your home, Don’t waste your time, Book your slot now. We will soon process your request and our House painting Expert will at your home to guide you on every aspect to give you the best house painting experience in Hyderabad.

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Interior house painting

The painting work that is done inside of the house comes under interior house painting. All the wall areas and celing areas that are inside the house are allocated in the interior house painting.painting of doors, windows, window grills, arches, pillars etc all falls under this category. The implementation of both water based paint and oil based paint are done in the interior of the house.
If any of the above mentioned things picked your interest. Then you can just visit our website at www.citypainters.org and book our service or you can just by place a call. City painters is the best interior house painting service provider in entire Hyderabad.

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Exterior house painting

The painting work that is done outside of the house falls under the category of exterior house painting. All of the exterior wall areas, beams, arches, parapet wall, stair cases, exterior windows that are allocated outside te house falls under exterior house painting. Paints used for this category of painting is completely different from the ones that we use in the interior part. Major paints that are done in portion of building are waterproof as the exterior walls are always in direct contact with rain. In city painters we provide you the best painting service. We provide you the kind of work that exceeds your expectations. City painters is the best exterior wall painting services and service provider in entire Hyderabad.

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Water leakages from the interior part of walls due to different different sources all falls under this category. It is the type of solution applied on the top of wall to fix the seepage problem visible on the wall. It does major damages on the surface of the wall hampering the paint. Paint peel off , dampness on top of walls. When you touch that portion of te wall you can fell the content of moisture in the wall. Wherever this problem occurs in wall you can clearly see the discoloration and dampness on wall. In city painters we provide you the best possible solution for fixing the seepages of your wall. Book our service now and get a visit from our waterproofing expert at your door step. City painters is the best water proofing services and service provider in entire Hyderabad.

Waterproofing services
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Tiles grouting

The process of filling the gaps in between the tiles falls under this category. There are in general a lot of ways to grout the tiles. The process that we provide is epoxy tiles grouting. The gaps in between the tiles if not fixed can create water leakage issue that can hamper your wall and water can create damp or seepage on your wall. So it is very important to fill the gaps in between the tiles especially in your bathrooms. The epoxy solution that is prepared in order to fill the gaps in between the tiles is applied in such a way that after the completion of process water doesn't pass through it. In city painters we provide you with this service. The only thing that you need to do is to pick your mobile and place a call. City painters is the best epoxy tiles grouting services and service provider in entire Hyderabad.

Professional Tiles grouting services
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Wood polish

Wood polish is done in order to bring out the grains and color of the wood. It helps in improving the look of the wood. It protects the wood from any kind of external damage and it improves the natural beauty of wood and gives a mesmerising shininess to the wood surface. All the furnitures, wooden doors, wooden cupboards, desks, wooden beds all falls under this category. In city painters we undertake all kids of wood polish works namely touchwood, melamine, PU and Emporio polish. We also provide Duco polish as well. We do both han polish and spray polish as well. If you have been in search for that then just book our service and get a free quotation now. City painters is the best interior and exterior wood polishing services and service provider in entire Hyderabad.

Best wood polishing services
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Texture painting

There are in general two kinds of texture painting. Inetrior texture painting and exterior texture designs. We provide only the interior texture painting. We provide both metallic and non metallic textures and stencils as well. The wall that is having major visiblity by a person while entering a room is mostly the best wall for the application of wall textures. Wall textures gives a new and fresh look. It improves the look of that room and provides and provides a radiant richness to the beauty of that room. If you have seen a lot of designed walls in your social media and you also want this kind of service in your wall then search no more as it falls under this category only and in city painters we provide you this kind of service. City painters is the best wall texture painting services and service provider in entire Hyderabad.

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we are one of the best painting service providers in Hyderabad .Our sole moto is to provide the service beyond your expectation fulfilling the requirement of yours in the best possible way there is. We will make your dream come true of the house paint that you have imagined. You are just one call away from making your dream come true .

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